ICEA presents Healing Arts Programs

Please donate today to support the following Healing Arts Programs:

* Oksana Yoga.

Summary: Yoga as an ancient healing art form which helps to promote health and self healing. Classes are held on weekly basis in studios and parks. Help support this program for someone who cannot afford the class and/or who's recovering from addiction or a health issue of any kind. For more information, see

* Write Your Truth on Watchdogs.

Summary: Writing as a form of therapy and as part of yoga life style (dharma talk or speaking your truth) finds its way into online blog. Donations will help cover web hosting and web managing costs associated with it. For more information, see:

* Paint Your Pain Away

Therapeutic painting sessions with Oksana Koval, Elena Seitz and other artists. Help purchase art supplies and cover program expenses. More information coming soon.

* Music is Better Than Drugs

Summary: Music therapy in the form of listening and playing instruments as well as dancing is the main focus of this program. Your donations will help to pay for music instructors, instruments and rental costs. 

Please donate to support Healing Art programs today.


Your donations are tax deductible. ICEA (International Cultural and Educational Association) is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed at preserving culture and science and aiding peaceful change to the world.

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