Ukrainian Home Builders come to USA in Jan 2010

The International Cultural-Educational Association (ICEA) hosted a group of Ukrainian builders who participated in a program conducted in January 16-27, 2010. 

Attending the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas during January 19-21, 2010 was included in the program. The program provided seminar and international meeting hosted by the National Home Builders Association and International Housing Association. 
The program was conducted in New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu and Las Vegas. Combining business and cultural experience was the idea of this program.
On the photos below see:
Ukrainian Housing Construct Complex Mitec, Mykahylo Matsiyevskyy, President;
Ukrainian Housing Construct Complex Mitec, Galina Savka, Vice President; Elena Seitz, ICEA, Programs Director  and others.
 image image
image image
image image
View Home Builders Jan 2010 photo album.
For more information and to participate in similar program, please contact:
Elena Seitz at

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