ICEA visits Ukraine in September 2009

This September ICEA representatives visited Ukraine. During this visit they met with government and non-profit organizations, foundations and developing businesses.

ICEA met with the Media Development Fund, Democracy Grants Program representatives at the US Embassy in Ukraine.  Oksana Koval and Larisa Koval met with Aleksandra Needham, Freedom Support Act Coordinator, Olha Zhyryachenkova, Cultural Affairs Assistant Media Development Fund Democracy Commission Program, Oleh Pastukhov, Cultural Affairs Assistant Media Development Fund Democracy Commission Program. They discussed possibilities of funding for ICEA's journalism programs as well as student body governing programs in Ukraine.


Helping youth, especially leaders of student self governing in Ukraine, is an important aspect of ICEA's work. Elena and Philip, students of Kiev National University, with the help of ICEA's representatives, brain stormed ideas on how to engage students in after-the-class activities and how they can participate in the upcoming student seminar in Chicago in March 2010.

ICEA has close ties with the Ukrainian National Children Fund “Children's Wellbeing”, a non-profit organization. Irina Zvereva, director of this fund and one of the directors of ICEA, briefed ICEA's president on the latest news in the Children’s fund work. They established some key points of future cooperation.


ICEA spends tremendous amount of time and creative effort on cultural and educational programs. These programs are designed for educational professionals such as Mariana Bosenko, director of school #48 in Kiev. She gave a warm welcome to the alumni of her school, Alexi Koval, and gave a tour of the school, which was recently filled with plush toys and equipped with state of the art technical aids.


ICEA hosted this year an Open World program for Ukrainian libraries. Oksana Bruy, Assistant Director for Computerization, Scientific Library, National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, participated in this program in May 2009. This time ICEA visited Oksana Bruy at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. She welcomed her friends and gave them a tour of the libraries at this oldest Ukrainian academy. Exchange of information on future programs was discussed during this visit.


ICEA also met with the acting director of the International League of Ukrainian Philanthropists, secretary of National Union of writers in Ukraine Michael Slaboshpytskyi. He handed over diplomas for the winners of yearly contest named after Petr Yatsyk designed for Ukrainian language fans. The diplomas are to be hand delivered and awarded to winners in Chicago and Palatine.


Helping Ukrainian businesses is one of the themes being developed by ICEA and its child organization American Institute of Business and Professional Development. Studio Velena is one of the prospective participants and partners in the upcoming seminars for the Beauty Industry business professionals.


But most importantly, ICEA representatives reconnected with their families, recharged their batteries and got inspired to do more great things.


<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /> View Ukraine Sept 2009 photo album.

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