ICEA presents Art Expo of Aida Shatska & her students

In June-July  2011  ICEA organized the second exhibition of a well-known painter Aida Shatska at the Schaumburg Township District Library. Aida Shatska is among the greatest artists, who is gifted to see beauty in the every day surrounding. She has incredible skills to implement this beauty in the world of art and the world of teaching.

Her previous career in Ukraine was always intense and eventful: she  successfully taught at the art college in Kharkov and was recognized as the best teacher. At the same time she has been producing art orders  from different institutions, participating in the  numerous exhibitions  in Poland, Germany, France, USA. Also she takes part in the art exhibitions in Russia and  Ukraine. Her works of art are found in private collections in the USA, Poland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Russia and Ukraine. Since 1995 Aida Shatska, this unique and distinctive representative of the  modern Ukrainian art, lives in Chicago. She continues professional activities in her art studio. She has over 300 students of different ages. 

The main idea of this exhibition was getting together the pupils of a famous teacher. Among her studets were: Natalia Pokaschevska, Angelika Krasnova, Emma Brutman, Katya Urbanovich and her mother Natasha Urbanovich, Stella Noskina and Faina Hartman, Rastel Fialko, Michell Herskovich, Mishell  Mironov, Nicka  Kolbasova. They share a common perception of beauty with their teacher. Their art work was also part of this exhibition.

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View Aida Expo Photo Ablum.

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