ICEA hosted an Open World Program “Women in STEM Education”.

The Open World Leadership Center, an agency of the U.S. Congress, sent a delegation of Russian Universities and Schools to Round Lake, Illinois from March 8-16, 2019. The delegation consisted of five professionals and was accompanied by a bicultural facilitator and an interpreter. While in Round Lake and surrounding areas, the Open World program participants were hosted by International Cultural Educational Association (ICEA).

The Open World guests were: 

Duginova, Natalia, Teacher of English, Secondary school No.2, Gubkin city, Belgorod Region; Surikova, Mariya, Vice Principal for Education, Teacher of    Mathematics, Secondary School No.213 with advanced  education in English, Saint Petersburg; Yakovleva, Tamara, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Economics and Finance, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia; Malmygina, Olga, Director, Center for Comprehensive Re-Socialization of Citizens Going Through Difficult Life Situations; Luzgina, Yelizaveta, Secretary, Institute of Economics and Management; Master’s Student (1st year), Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia.

Accompanying them were Larisa Koval, ICEA president, Sergey Likhovid, Executive Director, as well as an interpreter and facilitator Pavel Bodrykh.

Prior to their arrival in Round Lake the participants completed an orientation in Washington, D.C. Delegates had policy meetings with Members of Congress(office Congressman Brad Schneider, Representative IL, 10th District), including Jessica Bernton, Legislative Director (office Congressman Brad Schneider, Representative IL, 10th District). 

In Chicago, Palatine and Round Lake delegates collaborated on best practices for Women in STEM Education. Highlights of the delegates’ program included meetings with educational Institutions: Chicago University and Roosevelt Universities, National Louis University, Harper and Lake County Colleges, Lake Forest and Quest Academies, Stevenson High School, Kohl Children’s Museum, Schaumburg Public Library. Their interests included legislative rules, standards and curriculum development, innovative techniques and best practices for STEM education. Also they discussed STEM education classes and gender support for the student’s future and market demand. 

Delegates met with Ann Gillespie, Illinois State Senator of the 27th District and Mayor of Palatine, Jim Schwantz. Additional activities include meeting at Russian Media Company Reklama. The delegation stayed in the homes of local residents who served as hospitality hosts.

The delegates stayed in the homes of several of your constituents in order to experience American family and community life include meeting with Young Professional, Russian Teacher Association (FORT) at Russian Sunday School and tour of Chicago – downtown historical area and suburban areas.

More than 27,000 current and future leaders from post-Soviet era countries have participated in the Open World program. Open World offers one of the most effective U.S. exchange programs to promote mutually beneficial options for depolarized engagement between future national leaders.

International Cultural Educational Association (ICEA) is a nonprofit organization with 501(c) (3) status. ICEA mission to advance education, culture and science with the focus on: international cultural and educational exchanges; cultural diplomacy; professional development in cultural and educational fields. ICEA has more than 17 years of experience hosting international groups and visitors, mainly from Ukraine (Ukrainian Journalists, Architects, Student Administrators, Municipal Workers, Bankers, and Educators).

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