ICEA and National Louis University hosted internship program “Trends in Education and Social Work in the U.S. Higher Education: Sociocultural Dimensions”

ICEA and National Louis University hosted internship program “Trends in Education and Social Work in the U.S. Higher Education: Sociocultural Dimensions”

Ukraine – USA, online  (April 5 – May 10 2021)

Zoom meeting with the participants

The program was co-developed and organized by Larisa Koval, ICEA President and Professor of Pedagogical Sciences, and Antonina Lukenchuk, Professor, School of Advanced Professional Programs, National College of Education (NCE), National Louis University (NLU). The program was designed upon the request of Tetiana Liakh, Associate Professor, Department of Social Pedagogy and Social Work, Borys Hrinchenko Kyiv University, Ukraine.

The program’s focus was on the trends in the U.S. higher education; preparation of educational professionals and educational leaders for post-secondary education; preparation of social workers, counselors, and teachers working with special needs students; and curriculum development for P-12 and post-secondary education during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.  

The theoretical part (April 5- 16, 2021) was included the following topics:

  • Social Work. Evolution of Social Work in the U.S. and its Current Academic Credential. (Professor Larisa Koval, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding member of Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Science, ICEA president).
  • Social Work Practices and Professional Development in School (Cheryl DeRoo, Principal, Glenbrook Elementary School, Ed.D. candidate in Curriculum, Advocacy, & Policy doctoral program (NCE); Amy Kendryna, Principal, Spring Trail Elementary School, Ed.D. candidate in Curriculum, Advocacy, & Policy doctoral program (NCE).
  • U.S. University Faculty Roles, Responsibilities, and Scholarly Pursuits) (Professor Antonina Lukenchuk, School of Advanced Professional Programs,  National College of Education (NCE), National Louis University (NLU) . 
  • Programs for Social Workers at Chicago Universities. Diplomas, Degrees, and Licenses of Social Workers in the U.S.( Professor Larisa Koval, ICEA president).  
  • Remote Learning as a Catalyst for Candidate Agency in Teacher Preparation (Julie Sidarous, Instructor, National College of Education, National Louis University), Ed.D. candidate in Curriculum, Advocacy, and Policy doctoral program (NCE).
  • Policy Matters: Reconceptualizing Curriculum and Advocacy in the Viral Age (Todd Price, Associate Professor, School of Advanced Professional Programs, National College of Education, National Louis University, Director of Curriculum, Advocacy, and Policy in Teaching & Learning Doctoral Program, Director of Policy Studies and Board Member-Illinois Association of Colleges for Teacher Education).
  • Resources, Initiations, and Trends in Health Care Elderly People: Social Agencies Experiences (Sergey Likhovid, Professor, Coordinated ICEA programs tailored to needs of professional groups;  Маrina Kraft, President of New Age Elder Care, Inc. Natalia Alexanina, Vice President New Age Elder Care, Inc.). 
  • Teaching and Social Care of Different Categories of Students in Private Schools. Individualized Education at Montessori School (Vicki Promenzio, Principal, Nature Walk Montessori School; Oksana Koval, Teacher, Nature Walk Montessori School, Program Research & Development, ICEA).
  • Trends of Inclusive Education in U.S. (Kate Zilla, Associate Professor, Teacher Preparation Programs, National College of Education, National Louis University.
  • Dallas Swafford, Director, Student Disability Services, Angelo State University (TX), Adjunct Instructor, Angelo State University (TX). 
  • Social Impact of the School of Ukrainian Language in the Community Engagement (Iryna Tsenglevich, Principal, School of Ukrainian Language, Board Member of CYM – Ukrainian Youth Association Center).
  • Contextualizing University-Community Engagement: Understanding the Value and Complexities of Relational Ethical Praxis (Tiffeny Jimenez, Associate Professor, College of Professional Studies and Advancement, National Louis University. Co-chair, Community Psychology Ph.D. Program). 
  • Teacher Well-Being: Perspectives from Early Career Educators (Jeffrey Winter, Professor, Teacher Preparation Programs, National College of Education, National Louis University; Sherri Bressman, Professor, Teacher Preparation Programs, National College of Education, National Louis University; Sara Efrat Efron, Professor Emerita, School of Advanced Professional Programs, National College of Education, National Louis University). 
  • Trends in History of Social Work in the U.S.  Educational Services. City of Chicago Programs & Social Initiatives (Professor Larisa Koval, ICEA president).
  • Poetry, Pedagogy, and the Pandemic (Kristin Lems, Professor, School of Advanced Professional Programs, National College of Education, National Louis University, Co-Director, ESL STEM Success Grant). 
  • The Library in the Community Engagement (Annie Miskewitch, Executive Director, Schaumburg Township District Library, Schaumburg). 
  • Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago in Community Engagement (Lydia Tkaczuk , Рresident, Board of Directors of the Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago, Vice President, Ukrainian Genocide Famine Foundation, USA Member, Board of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Illinois; Maria Klimchak, Curator, Ukrainian National Museum, Chicago, Master’s in French Philology, Lviv University, Ukraine. 

The next two parts (April 17- May 10) were aimed at active work in groups and discussion of publications in the National Louis University. 

The Group workshops for Ukrainian colleagues were a very successful. Our participants analyzed presentations and application of the theoretical materials to see how they could be applied in their professional practice. In their reflection we have learned that all presentations were excellent and useful. Most of the participants started to communicate with the Americans colleagues. We had a great response from the 35 participants not only from Borys Hrinchenko Kyiv University, but also from other regional academies, universities and organizations: National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, “Kharkiv Humanitarian – Pedagogical Academy, Zaporizhzhia National University, Poltava V.G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University, Nizhyn State University, Makarenko Sumy State Pedagogical University, Child Protection Office, United Nations, International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), Kyiv Youth Center, Istok Public Organization, Mariupol. The participants discussed important issues for Ukrainian Institutions, such as: 

  • Scientific research of higher education (bachelors, masters, graduate students).
  • The system of social work at school.
  • The Juvenile Justice System and At-Risk Youth.
  • Non-discriminatory approaches in inclusive education.
  • Practicum Experience in School Social Work.
  • Innovative system of social work in U.S.
  • Innovative technologies for providing social services to different categories of the population / practical aspect.
  • New technology for training different levels of social workers in universities.
  • Research activity. What research methods are most common in the Education and Social Work industry?
  • Gender-Sensitive Social Work Practice: A Model for Education.
  • Levels and technologies, as well as the effects of combating bullying in educational institutions (system approach).
  • Versatility of Resources for Higher Education and Social Work: Dual education; Databases, repositories; Textbooks; Social Work Practicums and Internships. 

We are sincerely grateful to all participants of the program and look forward to further professional cooperation. Forms of such communication are: annual programs of foreign internships on issues of education and social work; individual professional courses; online presentations of innovative methods of student training and social practice; scientific conferences; exchange of experience of teaching and social assistance to different categories of the population; preparation and publication of joint scientific works: monographs, articles; online field meetings on specific social work issues and many other projects that will promote better understanding between American and Ukrainian professionals.

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