ICEA Presents Program “ Trends in Education and Social Work in the U.S. Higher Education: Sociocultural Dimension ”

The International Cultural and Educational Association (ICEA) has launched a new online educational internship program: “Trends in Education and Social Work in the U.S. Higher Education: Sociocultural Dimension”, created by professor Larisa Koval, president of ICEA, and co-organizer from NLU, professor Antonina Lukenchuk. The program was initiated by Tetiana Liakh, associate professor, Head of Social Pedagogy and Social Work Department at the Kyiv University named after Borys Hrinchenko. 

The program will be offering a series of workshops pertaining to the history of the U.S. higher education; preparation of professionals and educational leaders for post-secondary education; preparation of teacher educators for the U.S. P-12 settings; preparation of social workers, counselors, and teachers working with students with special needs students; curriculum development for P-12 and post-secondary education in the COVID-19 and beyond pandemic; and other issues that can be of interest and benefit for educational professionals in both the U.S. and Ukraine.

Webinars will be held April 5 – 16, 2021, starting at 9 am, CST. 

The topics of interest for Ukrainian colleagues include, but are not limited to:

  • Social work. Evolution of social work in the U.S. and its current academic credential.
  • Community engagement. Research and practical applications.
  • Teacher education: Preparation of teachers for P-12 settings. 
  • Special education: Reforms, developments, and current trends.
  • Higher education. Trends and developments.
  • Curriculum. From theory to practice: Adjusting to remote teaching, learning, and format research during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

ICEA is excited to represent 20 American professional speakers in the webinars that can build the bridges of mutual enrichment and cooperation between the U.S. and Ukraine.

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