ICEA Presents Journalism Program: Project Watchdogs

ICEA is proud to present Journalism Program: Project Watchdogs.


Project overview:

Watchdogs is a movement of conscious collective citizenship.  It is a new style of journalism, one that requires the following qualities:

* Open mind
* Somewhat skeptical, but optimistic attitude
* Always questioning status quo
* Provoking independent thought in self and others
* Seeking the truth

Watching those at power, Watchdogs is the core foundation of democracy and in the American system of checks and balances it represents another branch of power, the 5th estate, the bloggers. (See “Watching the Watchdog: Bloggers As the Fifth Estate” (Paperback) by Stephen D. Cooper, 2006)

Bloggers, in their essence reincarnate the true soul of journalism.  They go out there, observe and reflect, they keep a journal, a historical role of journalists, and they write free of political or business influence.  And since the mass media abandoned that role due to commercial nature of their expensive business, bloggers in that sense are the only representatives of a truly independent media.  

What is Watchdogs?

WATCHDOGS is the Mecca for opinion writing and investigative reporting, which has almost completely disappeared from mass media outlets.  Yet, such writing is a necessary element of diverse and functioning democratic society such as USA.  Without it, it is just an idea, a utopian concept.  The core foundation of such approach to journalism is understanding the story first, and then retelling it from human, “in the same shoes” perspective. This way it is guaranteed to establish connection to the readers, as the writer becomes one with the readers while retaining “observational” state of mind. Naturally, investigations and research is part of this process. This is the WATCHDOGS style of journalism. 

About Program Director

Oksana Koval, program director, webmaster

* Creative Director of ICEA (Media)
* Member of National Press Club
* Founder of RussianBay.TV,
* AA in Education
* BA in Journalism
Contact: kvartirka [at] yahoo [dot]com

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