ICEA hosted Russian Educators in April 2011

During the week of April 8-16th, 2011 International Cultural Educational Association (ICEA) hosted a group of Russian educational leaders in Palatine, IL. The delegates were taking part in the congressionally sponsored Open World Program, which brings political and civic leaders from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and other post-Soviet states to the United States for short-term professional trips.

The delegation focused on theme :” United States’ higher education system as a model for preparing young people for their future”. Our Open World guests were:

Mr. Andrey Anatolyevich Dudnik – Director, State Educational Institution, Regional Sports School (Olympic Reserve) Specialized in Swimming, Member of the Commissions on Social Policy, Education, Health and Environmental Protection, Kemerovo Region Public Chamber.

Mr. Aleksandr Ivanovich Korshunov- Head of Science and Research Office, Izhevsk State Technical University, Professor, Izhevsk State Technical University, Votkinsk City Branch.

Ms. Galina Gennadyevna Parikhina- Head, Petrozavodsk State University, Office of International Exchange & Education Programs .

Ms. Galina Nikolayevna Yulina – Deputy Director, K.G. Razumovskiy Moscow State University of Technology & Management, Institute of Technology in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Ms. Yelena Aleksandrovna Yurina – Director, Academy of Social and Educational Technologies under G.R. Derzhavin Tambov State University.

Ms. Alevtina Albertovna Filippova – Facilitator.

From ICEA accompanying the group were: Larisa Koval, President of ICEA, Sergey Likhovid, Executive director of ICEA, our partner TD Marketing Global and Vita Mindich, Interpreter.

Our guests were extremely interested to learn applications of new techniques, quality control, distance learning, International cooperation and development. The delegates discussed postsecondary educational programs and their applications, policies, international programs, funding and demand. Additional topics of interest included educational accreditation, types of degrees, school ratings and market demand. Some of the delegates made presentation about their work. (10-15 minutes).

In Palatine the delegates met with the Mayor of Palatine Mr. Jim Schwantz and visited William Fremd High school.(principal Lisa Small). They compared different educational models: the Harper Community college( dr. Richard F. Johnson, Jill Izumikawa, Sarah R. Stark) and the Oakton Community College (president, professor Margaret B.Lee, Professor of Education Coordinator, Global Studies Katherine Schuster) Career Education Corporation (Ilona Kreynis) .

They also learned the new technology of education in the Roosevelt University (Alice Blomquist , dr. Douglas Knerr), the Robert Morris University( meeting coordinator Sara O’Neal) and ORT Institute (director Marina Chudnovsky) and were delighted with work of the Schaumburg Library(Jean Dravet, Patricia Barch). The delegates familiarized themselves with Palatine's historic and cultural landmarks.

Home stays with Palatine-based constituents allowed the delegates to experience American family life. They took take part in several cultural and community activities, like: meetings with Marta Litas (“Forerver young”), meeting with editors the Russian newspaper “Reklama” and Russian Radio Faina Kravchenko and Lubov Meleshko. The delegates visited the Art museum, attending concerts and shows, and sightseeing tours of Chicago.

View photo album.

Special thank you to our hosting families :

Sergey Likhovid

Lana Rubinstein and Tony Zverev

Evdokija and Ilya Bunin

Irina Artemchuk

Read article about this program in the Chicago Russian Language newspaper Reklama.

3 comments for “ICEA hosted Russian Educators in April 2011

  1. Anonymous
    May 5, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Special thanks to host-organisation and host families for perfect receiving our group! I will remember days spent in the USA as ones of the best in my life!
    Thank you!
    With best regards,
    Galina Parikhina

  2. Anonymous
    May 10, 2011 at 7:43 am

    Thanks to host-organisation and host families!
    We still had most best impressions! All best!
    Thank you!
    With best regards,
    Alexander Korshunov

  3. Anonymous
    May 24, 2011 at 2:18 am

    Many thanks for the very special time we spent with ICEA. Every event of the program was unique and helpful. The host families were amazingly hospitable. We will definitely make use of the ideas we got during our stay. We are inspired!
    Thank you very much,
    Alevtina Philippova

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