ICEA hosted Chicago Municipal Program in October 2011

The International Cultural-Educational Association (ICEA) invited a group of Ukrainian municipal workers and business owners from the city of Vyshhorod, near Kiev, to participate in a program that was conducted in Schaumburg and Chicago, Illinois, during October 09-14, 2011.

This particular group was interested in learning more about the American municipal system and the Sister Cities International program. Vyshhorod is looking at Schaumburg as a potential sister city.

The program provided presentations and meetings hosted by several collaborating organizations of the Chicago Ukrainian community and the Mayor’s office of Schaumburg, which provided opportunities to network and develop new business relationships.

We are extremely grateful to the Schaumburg community leaders for meeting with the delegation from the Ukraine and arranging wonderful presentations and tours. Special thanks to:

Al Larson – Mayor of Schaumburg,

Kathleen Tempesta – Senior Assistant to Schaumburg Village Manager,

Jodie Andrew – Acting Director of Finance Department,

Donna Leck – Revenue Manager,

Carey Plazak – Purchasing Manager,

Julie Summers Fitzgerald – Director of Community Development,

Matt Frank – Economic Development Coordinator,

Steve Weinstock – Director of Engineering and Public Works Department,

Martin Metreger – Logistics Coordinator,

David Varner – Deputy Director of Public Works Department,

Scott Kasper – Engineering Division Manager.

This is the second ICEA Program in partnership with the Association of Ukrainian Cities ( ) during 2011.

For more photos, please view this program's Photo Album.

Read the article in “Chas i Podii” newspaper:

«Побратимський» візит вишгородців до Шамбургу«

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